Discover the Nimbus Consulting Difference

Nimbus provided diligence in identifying issues has been critical to get the project on right path

The Nimbus team continues to work closely with technical teams within CMS and presents findings at summits and conferences to constantly validate our findings, receive feedback from various stakeholders and peer groups and stay abreast of new developments in the industry.

Nimbus' work reduces risk and makes CMS less reliant on legacy technology.
The innovations on the pilot were first-of-its-kind within CMS
Nimbus subject matter experts, Data Engineers and Architects are recognized locally and nationally for their superior knowledge of CMS Provider/Beneficiary Data/Systems and Data industry trends.

Nimbus' performance has exceeded the Government’s expectations

Nimbus has exhibited exceptional performance in providing high quality technical consulting to help CMS with the transformation of our National Healthcare System.

The management sponsor and the Contract’s Technical Lead have indicated that Nimbus' deliverables represent the highest quality.

Nimbus' performance for managing the schedule for all task items and deliverables was exceptional.

Without Nimbus, the "ship would have sunk" - they are extremely valuable and helpful.” Helping us change the culture, which is great!

Why Nimbus

  • We provide conflict-free IT Research and advisory services with objectivity and integrity to our clients.

  • We are doers. We walk the talk.

  • We have demonstrated expertise in Advising CxOs, Leading Data Strategy, Enterprise Data Lake, Cloud Migration Strategies, Modern DevSecOps, Technology and Infrastructure Planning , and Designing Real-Time EDI systems.

  • We put client’s need before our need.

  • We are a team of skilled Architect/Developers and Business Analysts. We work as consultants and offer quick solutions to your hard-to-solve problems. We write complex computer programs and requirements documents with the same ease.
  • We have a deep understanding of a wide range of enterprise-scale technology deployment.
  • We value family commitments and encourage work-life balance.